Fox Class Weekly Update 23/09/2022

This week saw the first of our music lessons from the visiting Norfolk Music Hub teacher which was well received  in Fox class.  Not only did we learn our first notes on the recorder but we also began to understand how to read music too.  We can’t wait until next week.  Some of Fox class joined in the after-school club where children are learning to play the ukulele. (Spaces are still available if you wish to join – I am even considering it myself.  It sounded so much fun!)

It has been a shorter week than normal but Key Stage Two have still managed to pack their learning in.  Our independent diary writing showed stamina and reflection as we edited our work to showcase our understanding of cause and effect conjunctions, fronted adverbials and emotive phrases.  Topic focused on map reading around Britain to identify where the Romans invaded.  We looked further into many of the Latin names for our cities plotting these on our maps with the help of Google Earth.  Do you know the first area the Romans invaded? Ask your child/ren because they should be able to tell you and name some of the Latin cities.

We hope you enjoy the photographs this week!

Otter Class Weekly Update 23/09/2022

Otters have been looking at ‘More / Less’ in maths and continued our stories of ‘Rapunzel’. In topic lessons we have looked at Indian Weddings, Henna and the city of Mumbai. We have been loving our new weekly Boogie Bounce sessions and we are really excited for our next session! Soon we have got a special visitor coming in to do some workshops based on Diwali! Watch this space!

Fox Class Weekly Update 15/07/2022

Wow what a busy few weeks it has been! We have had transition days, swimming, sports days and somehow continued to do our normal lessons. This week the children researched Howard Carter and completed a fantastic fact sheet all about him. They then put their new found knowledge to good use and debated whether he should have taken the artefacts from Tutenkamun’s tomb. Well done team!

Otter Class Weekly Update 15/07/2022

This week in Otter class, as well as working hard to keep cool, we have been very busy learning about fractions, and thinking about the things we would keep or change for our poem ‘If I Were in Charge of the World’.  In topic, the children have been busy learning painting and drawing techniques, ready to create their own Monet/Klee masterpieces! On Tuesday we celebrated our similarities and differences on ‘Go Ahead and Sparkle’ day. We created some gorgeous rainbows on the playground that you may have seen, and while we were out there we were treated to a sun halo. The children were fascinated (and confused as it was not raining), so we returned to class and had an impromptu investigation into what causes them.

Horning Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 17/06/2022

Hedgehogs have had another busy but also fantastic week at Preschool, with a focus of being healthy!
We celebrated Healthy Eating Week in many different ways, each child  made their own healthy lunch and we got super creative when making our own Fruit and Vegetables to brighten up our display! As a team we sorted foods into unhealthy and healthy categories (although we did explain that it’s okay for us to have unhealthy treats sometimes!) To tie in with our healthy theme, we all did  some exercises in our outdoor area. The children loved to hop, skip, jump and do lots of star jumps!

We also had a look at shapes this week, the children used 2D shapes to build a Castle and we were super impressed with their knowledge of corners! It was lovely to see them  independently counting each corner and even recognising that Circles and Ovals have no corners! Amazing work Hedgehogs!

Otter Class Weekly Update 13/05/2022

This week in Otter class we have finished our writing about ‘George and the Dragon’ and below is an amazing independent example from one of our Year 1’s.

In topic we have looked at Queen Elizabeth 1 and learnt some facts, sung the National Anthem, marched in a band and used instruments. 

Next week we will be undertaking our KS1 SATS (Year 2). These are internal tests and they will be completed by 20/5/22. The Year 1 Phonics check will be administered in June.

Fox Class Weekly Update 25/03/2022

I have been so impressed with the children’s perseverance and focus this week. They have planned, written, edited and published their own biography of David Attenborough’s life. They worked so hard to make sure they have done a great job. We have also looked at converting fractions into decimals, creating a group dance and investigating the different layers of a rainforest.

Otter Class Weekly update 25/03/2022

This week in Otter class we have been concluding our topic ‘Let’s go exploring’. We have been producing leaflets about Penguins and how we can help protect them and we have also been creating our own news reports and filming them. In maths reception have been consolidating their learning for this term and in Year 1 and 2 we have been looking at tallies and representing data. We cannot believe that we only have 1 week left before Easter. What an amazing term we have had, packed full of excitement and learning!

Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 25/03/2022

With only two weeks until the Easter holidays, we started off the week in Preschool discussing all things Easter and creating some lovely Easter crafts! The children have also been making their beautiful Mother’s Day cards and talking about all the adults who are special in our lives.
We have been making the most of the gorgeous weather and spent lots of time outside, the children have helped us take care of the lovely flowers and we even planted Sunflowers for the people of Ukraine.
Wow! What a fantastic week Hedgehogs!