Fox Class Weekly Update 02/12/2022

Foxes have enjoyed a busy week of learning with a trip out to the Time and Tide Museum.  This experience day brought this term’s topic discoveries to life as we met some characters from the Roman era.  We were marched through our paces as the senator tried to train us to be forceful Roman soldiers.  ‘Sin, dex, sin, dex’ – you might want to ask your child/ren what this means.  Children learned three important swings of their swords before trying to lift chainmail.  Wow that was heavy! 

We then met with a druid who shared some secrets about potions and poisons.  She mixed a concoction, beat a drum and looked deep into the future.  We helped by holding hands and closing our eyes.  How could we stop Boudica’s Army from defeat? 

The lady of the Roman Villa invited us as slaves to work in her villa before explaining how she used strange and wonderful objects to grind coal, cochineal beetle, Lapis Lazuli stone to produce makeup for herself and her husband.  

The day ended with a chanting chorus to support Boudica’s Army as we practised our axe throwing skills before the final battle.   Fox class represented the school with impeccable behaviour as always.  A fantastic day had by all.

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