Fox Class Weekly Update 03/03/2023

It has been a week of assessments but the children of Foxes have coped with this admirably.  We have also been able to disguise them amongst a plethora of learning activities – not to mention a World Book Day reading afternoon.  

In English, Gobber and Hiccup have been high on the agenda while we have embedded our use of inverted commas for dialogue.  The Foxes wrote some amazing descriptive pieces during their long independent write this week.  These will be shared with parents next week as part of our handwriting celebration. They are looking forward to this opportunity. 

The children have been working with linear number lines during maths, in order to find and estimate the positions of unit fractions and mixed numbers.  We have grappled with this concept but are now starting to understand and use different strategies to help us. 

We were taken back to the Viking kitchen as we sampled some bread made by Kira and Josie as part of their topic homework.  It’s not often there is edible homework on offer! Neave has also been busy.  Not only has she managed to read her book she received in the Advent Book Calendar but she wrote her glowing book review.  ‘The Girl who Saved Christmas’ comes highly recommended.  

Have you all read yours and if so remember to complete your reviews?

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