Fox Class Weekly Update 05/05/2023

Another busy week in Foxes! Although we have had only four days at school this week, that has certainly not stopped us from producing our brilliant writing in English! We have been continuing our focus on the book ‘Float’, using our descriptive writing skills to show the reader how our character is feeling.

We have also been having a class debate this week about the preservation of the Broads. We planned and wrote a balanced argument for and against, with some great ideas and class discussions. 

Year sixes have been writing letters which relate to their focus book ‘Floodland’. The letters produced were outstanding, with real attention to their choice of words. 

Foxes had another Judo session this week, with a focus on balance and working in pairs. We had a few tumbles whilst practising our balancing, it’s a good job we had mats!

We have also had some more ‘Save the Earth’ posters. We have been so impressed with these so far, and will be displaying them around the school!

Good luck to our year sixes with their SATs next week! We have lots of fun activities planned for when they are over. Try your best and keep smiling!

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