Fox Class Weekly Update 07/10/2022

It has been a week of large numbers for Foxes.  We have grappled with hundreds of thousands and millions if we are in the upper key stages.  Finding the power of 10 and intervals on a number line has blown our minds at times but Mrs Bellison is so proud of our resilience and resourcefulness.  Year 3 and 4 have been just as resilient with their number lines too.  They have mastered counting intervals and calculating what each is worth.  They have then been able to also grapple with the idea of adding numbers to their lines.  Well done Foxes. The learning pit has been well used this week.  We had a go at dramatising the story of Romulus and Remus before working on our understanding of pronouns, personal, possessive and relative.  You might want to quiz your child/ren on that one over the dinner table.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Boogie  Bouncing despite the windy weather on Wednesday too.  It certainly blew the cobwebs away before we sang our hearts out during our Autumn singing practice.  I do believe we have some budding singers in our midst. What a busy week Foxes?

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