Fox Class Weekly Update 09/09/2022

Wow! Foxes you have started the school year with a bang! With no word of a lie the classroom did hear a few bangs on the first day as we launched with a team game to see who could build the highest tower of balloons.  Our JONK skills were challenged but Fox class showed just what it takes to be a successful learner.  I am sure you heard all about it and here are the pictures to prove it.  The week has continued with the same theme as we have delved into our new topic.  The children have been finding out what life was like in the Iron Age.  We researched in groups before questioning each other.  What a discussion that proved to be! Foxes have even tried their hand at Celtic art too although at times we just ended in one big knot.  All in all it has been an excellent start to the new term and all the children are pleased to be back.

Coastal Together

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