Fox Class Weekly Update 11/11/2022

It has been a week of assessments in school and Foxes have shown what they can do! Wow, I am so proud of you all!  However, we have managed to cram in so much more too.  The village cafe was our highlight this week and Foxes thoroughly enjoyed preparing in class for this.  We also worked together with Otters to make an amazing wreath from card, paint and tissue.  Take a look at the church on Sunday. 

Our learning continued as we developed our guided reading text into a play script.  Foxes used their understanding of scripts and dialogue to begin their first scene after practising in groups to identify the stage directions. 

In maths we have started to consolidate our understanding of inverse with the use of bar models to help show the process.  

Auditions took place this week and everyone is now keen to know their part for the Christmas play.  The final cast list will be shared next week so prepare yourselves for rehearsals.

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