Fox Class Weekly Update 12/05/2023

Another busy week for the foxes!

We want to say a huge well done to our year sixes on completing their SATs this week! We are so proud of you all and how hard you have worked. 

The rest of our class surprised the year 6’s by giving them a huge cheer at the end of their final SATs test.

This week we have been focusing on the features of a river, and how this impacts flooding in Norfolk. The children explored the features of a river then worked in groups to match the photographs to the correct labels. There was lots of great teamwork involved!

In maths we have been looking at comparing and ordering decimals. We have been focusing on using mathematical vocabulary in our answers to make sure they are in depth and clear.

In English we have been thinking about similes and speech. We then completed our independent write which was to write our own version of our focus book Float. These were brilliant to read! 

We also enjoyed another judo session, in which the children dualled one another to find our class champion! The room was filled with cheers and laughter throughout. 

Throughout the week we have started reading the book ‘Song of the river’ as a class. This will be our focus book for guided reading. The children are enjoying this book so far, although Miss Mossop keeps leaving them everyday with a cliffhanger! We wonder what will happen next…..

This Friday we celebrated the jubilee with our school fete. The children were busy this week preparing the icing, decorating signs and writing messages to the King!

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