Fox Class Weekly Update 16/06/2023

Fox class sailed into the sunset this week.  With a bright blue sky, the sun shining and a warm breeze blowing, our trip was set to be a river adventure to remember.  Not perhaps everyone’s most exciting experience because there were a few apprehensive children as we embarked on the traditional half deckers at Hunter’s boatyard.  It was for some, a first, but hopefully the start of an inner passion with our beloved Broads.  The children most definitely had the time to practise some of their skipper skills and they soon realised it involved a lot of teamwork to sail successfully.  In the boatyard we were able to sketch and find out information about the yard’s history, traditional boatbuilding and the Amazon, Swallow and Titmouse from the famous Coot Club filmed in the area in 1983.  

Back at school we used our writing skills to record the day’s events in a diary.  Fox class have developed their skills in this genre area and are able to include a variety of grammatical devices and varied vocabulary.  This continued as they investigated collaboratively a range of different poetic devices and poetry genres this week.  We linked these to our river experience making up limericks and haikus to mention a few. We do have a number of budding poets among us! 

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