Fox Class Weekly Update 18/11/2022

Foxes have had another busy week in and out of the classroom this week. On Monday year 5 and 6 took a trip to Gresham Village School with Bacton Primary  to learn the skills necessary to be a Young Leader. They worked collaboratively with other pupils from neighbouring schools to develop a toolbox of games and strategies to use in and out of the school at break and lunch times to encourage them to play together in groups or pairs. What an example they set for Horning – It was great fun too!  

Back in the classroom we have written an independent play script using a narrative.  They were able to find stage directions, settings and dialogue.  Their ability to independently edit their writing has greatly improved and Foxes collaboratively work with peers to support each other. Maths has had a leading role this week alongside Maths Week England. Foxes have enjoyed the activities so much we are continuing with them next week.

Coastal Together

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