Fox Class Weekly Update 19/05/2023

The sunshine has definitely lifted our spirits this week.  We have been active in and out of the classroom.  Children in Foxes have been signing up for extracurricular activities during lunch break.  The football kick around was a great success with children being collaborative throughout.  They were extremely complementary during and after the session showing great teamwork – a credit to all of them.   

We are almost at the end of our Judo sessions but it was great to see how year 6’s adapted to the activities despite missing the first sessions.  There was fantastic camaraderie during the end game when everyone battled to gain the sock from their opponents belt.  I know they are already looking forward to a re-battle next week.  

In the classroom, we have been learning about the water cycle, following a raindrop on its journey.  Foxes also set up an experiment in a bag to demonstrate how water moves around the water cycle.  They have been  recording their observations throughout the week, luckily we have had some warmth from the windows to speed this process up.  

Some of our year 6 pupils had a visit from their high school Principal giving them a chance to ask questions and find out more about their transition days.  There will be more of these visits in the coming weeks.

We are watching the evaporation and condensation of the water vapour as part of the water cycle. 

Great fun had on the field at lunchtime!

                                                    William was extremely proud to share with the class his newly gained white belt in Karate – It is great to share children’s out of school pursuits. 

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