Fox Class Weekly Update 20/01/2023

Foxes took to the wall again as they reached new heights with their climbing.  The enthusiasm  was great to see.  The children thoroughly enjoyed having no harresses and everyone gave each other lots of  encouragement to improve their personal best.  Collaboration and resilience tipped the balance this week for sure. 

In PE, co-ordination was the name of the game as Foxes perfected their dance skills this week.   We are having so much fun.  It may be cold and frosty outside but the energy is flowing when those toes start tapping to the beat of the  music.  

Our topic has focused on how the Anglo-Saxons established kingdoms across England.   We have learnt about the kings who ruled over each part, the largest of the kingdoms and the most powerful Kings.  We have included all this information in our non-chronological report whilst improving our sentence structure and vocabulary.  Linking with our topic theme, our first homework pieces have started to be brought into school.  Foxes, your enthusiasm and creativity never ceases to amaze me – take a look at the photos below. 

In maths, it has been another week of fraction frenzy in the Fox ‘Fun House’ – class.  We have added, subtracted, multiplied and divided a plethora of different fractions. 

To help us understand these we have drawn, made, shaded and folded them. The all important point is we are starting to understand fractions on many different levels.  Well done Foxes, you make me proud!

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