Fox Class Weekly Update 24/02/2023

After a restful break, Foxes came back refreshed and eager to learn.  We plunged into the life of the Vikings, finding out how they came to Britain and where they first started to settle.  Collaboratively, Foxes produced some detailed work, either on paper or digitally on google slides, to share with others about how they lived, what they wore and what they ate. 

Our English topic over the next few weeks is  linked to ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and we have been looking at how to develop an introduction and character description to a narrative.  Children have enjoyed using descriptive devices to create pictures in the reader’s minds.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the Isle of Berk in the weather Foxes have described this week or meet Gobber in the ‘ghostly shadows on the desolate beach in the most desolate spot on the whole desolate island’.  Maybe you are less scared of these situations?

Moving swiftly on to our Maths this week, where we have continued to grapple with problems relating to fractions and mixed numbers.  Foxes have learnt different strategies to represent their calculations such as pictorial bar models and number lines to show where fractions lie in our number system.  This has helped them to see and understand that  fractions are an equal part of a whole. 

 As always there have been busy children over the holidays and here are some of the creations which have been brought in to add to our Viking homework topic. 

Coastal Together

F e d e r a t i o n   o f  S c h o o l s

Instil   |   Understand   |   Learn   |   Become