Fox Class Weekly Update 24/03/2023

It may almost be the end of the term, but we have been working hard across the school.  Foxes have been working collaboratively with their maths this week, especially in years 3 and 4 as we developed our learning of fractions of quantities using concrete resources whereas the upper years (5 and 6) have been continuing their learning on percentages.  

In topic our focus has been to create a collage of a viking longship at sea.  Firstly, the children practised colour mixing before ‘washing’ the sky and sea.  The Foxes were slightly confused when the demonstration of the next step involved ripping this work up but you must agree it has given a magnificent texture and depth to their final piece.  They are due to be hung in our Horning corridor gallery for everyone to enjoy. They continued the theme of Vikings as they dramatised a life in the day of… before writing a diary entry.  The children worked collaboratively to produce a short play before sharing these as inspiration for their writing.  

We have had a visit from the local constabulary this week, who delivered an informative assembly to year 5 and 6 on internet safety.  The children were keen to ask questions and represented the school admirably.

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