Fox Class Weekly Update 27/01/2023

It has been a week of trips and outings for Horning Primary school.  Firstly, Foxes headed off to a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow.  It was a cold and frosty day but we were able, in these chilly conditions, to imagine how it must have been for the people of the settlement.  As historians, we investigated the many reconstructed buildings, from simple houses to grand halls, finding out just what life must have been like around 1500 years ago.  In the museum, Foxes were able to see some of the original artefacts discovered on the site along with information about their uses.  There was even a reconstructed skull and facial representation of an Anglo-Saxon man.  It was as close as we will get to meeting one!

This week saw the last of our series of climbing sessions but the children have continued to challenge themselves to the limit.  We heard cries of ‘I made it’ followed by a giggle and smile when Josie climbed to the top of the wall.  Well done everyone! You have achieved so much in the time we have spent at High Ball.  

Foxes have been using all this new found knowledge as they began to write their own leaflets for an event or exhibition.   Our powers of persuasive writing was the focus along with many other important points. 

We will be showing off some of our work at the village hall this Saturday when we support the Horning Hub.  If you are at a loose end between 10:30 and 2:00, please come along.

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