Fox Class Weekly Update 28/04/2023

Another very busy week in Foxes!

This week we have been thinking about the preservation of the Broads. The children discussed why they think the Broads are so important and researched how we can preserve them. Throughout the research lesson we saw some great collaborative working and focus.

Year 6 have been doing some SATS prep with Mrs Bellison, they have been working extremely hard. Throughout this, they have been cheering each other on to achieve their very best !

Years 3,4 and 5 have begun writing sentences for the book ‘Float’.

They used repetition, onomatopoeia and personification for extra effect!

“A silent wave of wind hit his face’, ‘Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Bang!’

We have also been focusing on adding 

decimals this week, the children have been using a number line to show this process.

We focused on tenths at the start of the week, then once we felt confident we moved onto hundredths.

The children created their own

place value charts to help them.

On Monday we had an assembly surrounding ‘Earth day’, in which we discussed ways we can do to have a positive impact on the environment. We set the children a task to create a ‘Save the planet’ poster. We have had some amazing posters so far!

We also enjoyed another brilliant judo session with Harrier Judo. The children worked in pairs this week to take their opponent to the floor ‘safely’. They then played a game which involved trying to capture a sock from your opponent! We saw some brilliant team spirit as the children cheered and clapped for their friends!

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