Fox Class Weekly Update 30/09/2022

Despite changes to our normal routine this week, we have still managed to pack in our learning.  The focus has been grammar with a spotlight on adverbial phrases and complex sentences.  We have used this to write in role as a slave or young Roman in our final diary entry.  Foxes have pulled out all the stops, showcasing some imaginative vocabulary to describe the ancient Port of Ostia.  Great work!  We have kept with the Roman theme in Maths as our place value has been stretched with Roman numerals too.  Art saw use fiddling with small pieces of square paper to create a galleon in the style of a mosaic.  Of course we still had our regular recorder and Boogie Bounce sessions although our bouncing had to be inside this week.  Autumn is well and truly here to stay.  Our story cafe, for the MacMillian Coffee Morning linked with the seasonal changes too. Everyone had a great time pinning, cutting, and stitching our friendly blackbirds.  They look amazing. Fox class are looking forward to completing their scarecrow, adorned with blackbirds, ready for the Wroxham Barns Scarecrow Competition.  

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