Foxes Weekly Update 13/01/2023

Foxes hit a new height with their learning this week as we headed for our first Highball climbing  experience.  There was great excitement as they geared up with shoes and harnesses.  We practised our techniques on the training wall before heading to the real challenge of the day.  With a few instructions and time to gain confidence with heights we discovered we have some budding climbers.  Many managed to climb to the top of the wall and glide down on the safety ropes.  Unfortunately for us the time whizzed by but we are already looking forward to next week!

Back in the classroom, we have begun researching for our non-chronological report.  Foxes have discussed the parts of a report so they are confident of its features.  Our grammar focused on hyphens and dashes so we have been constantly trying to include these in our writing.  A great title was brainstormed for our report –  The Anglo-Saxon story Re-told – just showing how we can take our learning and use it in every aspect of our writing. 

In maths we have been looking at fractions.  Some of us have been dividing and multiplying these by whole numbers while others have been investigating what a fraction is.  The all important key similarity being that we have been drawing our fractions to help with our understanding or we have been using manipulatives to show the fraction.  Foxes started by thinking about a whole and part of a whole.  ‘If Horning Primary is the whole, then Foxes are part of the whole.’  What a busy part they have been this week?

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