Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 07/10/2022

We have had another fantastic but busy week in Hedgehogs. We have had our Autumnal coloured play dough out and we decided to have a play dough disco! The children absolutely loved this, we played party music and put on party hats!  It also  gave the children the opportunity to develop their fine motor and listening skills, they were great at following instructions!
We created some beautiful autumn pictures using the leaves we collected on a leaf hunt. The children were supported with placing the leaves but did the sponge painting completely independently. During this activity we spoke about the colours we needed to make it an autumn picture.
Our tuff tray this week was very popular amongst the children, so we decided to empty our treasure basket  and use masking tape to encourage problem solving. The children used some great describing words when exploring the different objects and their textures.

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