Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 09/06/2023

After a half term with hardly a drop of rain, Hedgehogs were quick to set about watering our flowers.  Our drooping pansies perked up in no time after a good drink.  We noticed that the sunflowers we are growing from seed are almost as tall as some of us!   We were also keen to check on our tadpoles and found their bodies look bigger but their tails shorter – how interesting!

We had a special visitor to our garden on Tuesday morning who we were excited to quietly take a look at.  A beautiful dragonfly had chosen to take a rest on the plants.  We spotted a little yellow triangle on its back and found out it was a rare Norfolk Hawker.  Lucky us!

Bubbles caught our interest this week.  We used rotary whisks and soapy water to make them, switched on the bubble machine so we could run, jump and pop them and even had a go at making our own bubble wands using sticks and pipe cleaners.   

We have started to talk about our topic this half term which is the beach.  The forecast is for beach weather next week.  Please remember sun hats, apply sun cream in the morning and provide your child with cream they can put on later in the day.  Thank you for your support.

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