Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 11/11/2022

Hedgehogs have had a super week! We have introduced the children to our new and exciting topic for this half term which is ‘Transport!’ To begin with we discussed the different ways we all come to Preschool, some of us walk or bike whilst others come in the car! We used Preschool toy cars to create our very own map which showed our journey to school. The children were able to recall lots of different features they saw, such as; sign posts, parks, trees, other cars and other people. Keeping in with the theme, we then opened up our very own colour car wash in the tuff tray. We all worked collaboratively to clean the cars and even played a game to see who could find each colour car the fastest.
Hedgehogs have been very lucky to receive some new books this week, but these aren’t just any new books…these are Monster Phonics books! The children were so thrilled to see their favourite monsters immersed into some lovely stories and we can’t wait to read them all.
To honour Remembrance Day  we researched Poppy pictures. The children observed the pictures and recognised key colours and features. We then encouraged the children to paint or draw their own Poppies which were all very beautiful (and yes we had a glitter explosion)! We talked about the importance of Poppies this time of year and how we use them to remember all the brave soldiers who fought for our country.

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