Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 12/05/2023

Hedgehogs have had fun this week building friendships through play.  There have been smiles and laughter, invitations to join in and lots of great sharing and turn taking.  We are so proud of our friendly little team!

The rain has given us lots of opportunities for water play- for transporting, pouring, making waves and of course splashing!  

Our topic this half term is ‘Animals’.  It seemed fitting for us to find out about the little mammals we are named after – hedgehogs.  We wondered if any of our prickly little friends visit our Forest School area at night.

After the rain we noticed lots of earthworms wriggling in the grass- a tasty snack for a hedgehog.  We searched under the logs for other things hedgehogs might like to eat and spotted black beetles, woodlice, slugs and a speedy centipede!

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