Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 16/06/2023

Our curious learners in Hedgehogs have been driven by the ‘joy of not knowing’ this week.  We have observed them confidently trying out their ideas to find out what might happen.  Sand was mixed with paint, adding texture to our beach pictures and we discovered pencil will show up under thin watery paint, perfect for drawing pictures of sea creatures under the waves.  

One team worked together on a project they thought up themselves to build a water run.  It was challenging when the pipes slipped about and ended up pointing the wrong way or falling to the floor but our young learners overcame their frustration and even managed to catch some of the water at the other end!  Great to see Hedgehogs bouncing back and developing a willingness to keep going.  They certainly enjoyed achieving what they set out to do.

One child was delighted as they explored what would happen if they spun round with a cup of water in their hand.  “I’ve made footprints!” they announced.  They tried spinning at different speeds, stretching their arm out further and scooping more water into their cup.  They were fascinated by how quickly the watery ‘footprints’ disappeared in the heat of the sun.

Another week of wonder and discovery in our inspiring outdoor spaces!

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