Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 19/05/2023

Spending time in our wild area using natural materials and loose parts has seen Hedgehogs being even more creative and imaginative than ever.  We started the week by taking off in a space rocket and, kitted out in our space suits and boots (waterproofs and wellies), we explored the green planet.  We spotted a bee that made us curious as it had what looked like little red balls on its legs.  We asked the internet and found out that pollen isn’t always yellow- some flowers have red pollen- wow!  We also saw a flutter of pale green butterflies which were fun to chase but luckily impossible to catch!

One adventure turned into another with the children building a boat out of old pallets.  “Pirates are coming!” We searched for the right sized sticks to build a mast for a sail and used the charcoal from the fire to decorate our flag and draw a treasure map.  Pinecones were collected for cannon balls and we buried treasure in the sandpit for our friends to find.

After enjoying ‘The Tickle Book’ together in the sunshine, we found tickling sticks which tickled our feet and made us dance.  We tickled branches and blossoms drifted down on us as the trees quietly giggled.  We can’t wait to discover more of nature’s magic!

Coastal Together

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