Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 23/06/2023

This week our play in the Wild Area was inspired by a picture book called ‘We’re going to find a Monster’.  The story is based on ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ with the characters travelling through different habitats, looking out for the animals that live there.  

It saw us floating boats across the ‘shimmering ocean’, watching out for whales, turtles and crabs.  We bravely climbed a ‘huge, high mountain’ and crept through the ‘deep, dark jungle’ of our trees, spotting lots of busy beasties hiding under the logs.  Hedgehogs particularly enjoyed making the ‘bubbly bubble lake’ even more foamy by splashing about in it in wellies and whisking air into it.  

We discovered a small dark cave and were curious about what might be inside.  Some of us had a go at dressing up as monsters and roaring and stomping about.  And what’s a good way to stop a monster from being grumpy?  Tickle it of course!

Here are some more highlights of our week in Hedgehogs:

               creating sand pictures                     chilling out in our beach hut

                                       celebrating turning 2 with cake

taking a pet giraffe on a bus journey               decorating and flying a kite

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