Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 26/05/2023

This week’s creative play began with some children building a castle out of cardboard boxes and then knocking it down!  We wondered what would knock down a castle and imagined a big, red, angry dragon.  After running through the meadow being chased by the snorting dragon, we went in search of dragon eggs.  Hidden in the long grass we found a round, red and white stripy egg!

Our mission was to build a nest to keep the egg safe.  We talked about the materials we might need and gathered logs and sticks for the outside of the nest and soft materials like the soil from mole hills, a bird’s feather and fluffy dandelion seeds for the egg to rest on.  Next, we focussed on building a stronger castle in case the dragon returned!

Later on in the week, the meadow grass was cut and we noticed lots of butterflies fluttering about in the warmth of the sun.  We wondered if they had been hiding in the long grass.  We went on a butterfly trail and were inspired to paint colourful butterfly pictures. We found out that butterflies taste with their feet and have long curly tongues that they poke into flowers to drink nectar.  It was fun to dress as butterflies and flutter about the meadow.   

We wish you all a happy half term and look forward to hearing about your outdoor adventures when you return!       

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