Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 30/06/2023

We have continued to enjoy our beach topic this week, creating sparkly mermaid and sea creature pictures and cooking up seaside cupcakes using playdough, pasta and shells.  Mmm… they looked good enough to eat!

  We had fun chasing after a beach ball, kicking it and playing catch together.  It wasn’t easy to catch such a big squidgy ball but it was great fun trying!  

Kite flying really took off this week (excuse the pun!)  It led us to investigate what a kite needs to help it float up high.  We found thin, light sticks were better than thick heavy ones.  Spinning round helped lift our paper kites into the air, as did running fast to catch the breeze.  

At the end of the week, the refreshing rain gave us the opportunity to enjoy a paddle and splash in the sea.  It was great fun even though we were in our wellies and wetsuits rather than bare feet and swimsuits!

Coastal Together

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