Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 24/02/2023

It certainly has been a very busy week back for Hedgehogs. We welcomed Miss Geschke to our team and she has settled in beautifully with the help of our kind, caring and helpful children.

With the blessing of some springlike weather at the start of the week we began our outdoor activities, the children spent time moulding clay into their intended shapes only to then go and hunt for some sticks and acorns. We gently pushed the sticks into the clay and used our fingers to create indentations for our two acorns to sit in and there we have it, our very own hedgehogs!

Although the weather may have become more unsettled as the week has progressed we decided to brighten things up by planting sunflowers. As a group, we discussed the importance of looking after plants and the things we need to do to ensure that they grow. The children are now all aware that sunlight and water will help the process along and have made certain to look after their sunflower at home.

Using natural resources the children have all enjoyed some mark-making outside and displaying their fantastic imaginations. There have also been many pies, potion making and cakes being made in our mud kitchen. Yummy!

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