Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 05/05/2023

Hedgehogs have enjoyed more adventures in our school ‘wild’ area this week. We came across golden treasure glowing in the grass – dandelions – the perfect jewels for our coronation crowns! We also discovered it was fun to blow the fluffy seed heads and make a wish as we watched the tiny seeds float away.      

We found out that the name ‘dandelion’ means lion’s tooth.  Looking closely at the leaves, we saw they were a zig-zag shape like sharp teeth! We enjoyed threading the dandelions by their stems to make soft lion’s manes.

To prepare for the coronation celebrations we made some bunting. We collected colourful petals, placed them under triangles of fabric and tapped them with a rock. It was exciting to watch the colour squeeze out into the fabric.

To top everything off, we baked delicious dandelion treats. Did you know dandelions don’t just feed the bees – in the past they used to be used in salads and are very good for you.  The sweet petals certainly tasted good in our biscuits!

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