Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 10/02/2023

Well what lovely week we have had in Hedgehogs! It has certainly been another busy one but the children have impressed Miss Gower and Mrs Mills to no end with how engaged and determined each and every child has been. It’s children’s mental health week, therefore a very important week and we were really keen to celebrate this alongside the school.

We started off the week with a big bang on Monday, celebrating number day which supports the NSPCC. Throughout the day we had a variety of activities to support this! The children have been threading beads onto numbered pipe cleaners, matching cars to their numbered parking spaces and weaving through numbers in the correct order!

We have certainly been spoiled with sweet treats as well this week, the children have been decorating their own heart shaped biscuits, and yes it was sprinkles galore indeed! The children really concentrated in order to make their biscuits as creative as possible. They certainly were a scrumptious little treat.

Hedgehogs have spoken about the importance of keeping active as well, not only does it impact on our physical health but also our mental well-being. Although in preschool we always encourage physical activity as much as possible, this week we have been busier than usual with Yoga, hula hooping, football, bubble popping, obstacle courses and so much more!
It’s certainly a good job that we have a nice, long rest next week. Enjoy your half term everybody!

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