Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 13/01/2023

Our first full week back and it certainly has been jam-packed! In Hedgehogs we continuously promote mark-making wherever we can and this week has been no different. Paint, pen, pencils and chalk have all been explored during different circumstances, the children used these different tools and incorporated them into other types of play. For instance, we had menu’s being written up in our role-play and measurements being made during construction! What a great way to enhance our learning Hedgehogs!

We have spent the week reminding ourselves of the Monster Phonic characters, their names and what they all look like. A preschool favourite seems to be Angry Red A, we’ve had all the children storming around with cross faces and folded arms chanting “A, A, A, A.” What an easy way to remember the sound!

In Maths, Hedgehogs have been mastering their sorting expertise. We began as a group, recapping on our current skills, with the adults directing the children on their task. The children listened very carefully to their instructions and off they went, seeking out the appropriate objects in order to place them in the correct groups! They all worked independently but would come together when somebody got a little bit stuck, this was lovely to see! In the end, we ended up with 4 perfectly placed coloured groups; red, green, purple and orange. It was great to see the  children engage in similar activities during their independent time as well, fantastic work everyone! 

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