Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 15/07/2022

What a brilliant week we have had! We started off the week with our Pride celebration and  the children came dressed in all things that made them feel sparkly! We continued this theme throughout the week, we celebrated our differences and what makes us all so special.
During our circle time discussions, we spoke about how all families are unique. Together we watched a story called ‘Heather has two mummies’In our craft activity, the children all created rainbow streamers, we then used these to dance  and run around on the big field. The children loved to play the mirror game! The children enjoyed using mirrors to compare their faces with their friends. We asked questions such as;  What makes us the same and what makes us different? Do some children wear glasses? And, why do we not all have the same hair colour? The children drew some fantastic self-portraits!

Coastal Together

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