Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 25/11/2022

Hedgehogs have had yet another fantastic week in preschool and once again we have been extremely busy! We continued on with our topic which is all about transport and the Hedgehogs team simply asked the children what they thought transport was! The children had some super thoughts and ideas which they were all keen to share with us. We discussed the different modes of transportation we’ve used in the past such as; trains, boats and buses! We then wanted to extend our learning and exploring into play so we decided to create our very own transportation tuff tray! The children helped us gather resources together, and we talked all about the things we may see when we are using transportations, such as fields, animals and construction areas. Together, we created a magnificent tray filled with endless opportunities for social and imaginative play!
Our incredible outdoor area is the perfect environment to focus on transportation. The children were riding bikes, trikes, scooters and tractors whilst following the traffic light instructions we learnt that green means go, yellow means slow and red means stop. The children loved this game and were eager to play amongst themselves. 

The children have shown a big interest in one of our favourite books this week, which was Stickman.  Hedgehogs all got very excited and decided to immerse it within our play. We created a snow sensory tray and sent the children on a stick hunt, which we shall be turning into our very own stick people next week! The children were also very eager to help the stickman who was frozen in a block of ice! They had to work as a team, share ideas and listen to others in order to problem solve and rescue Stickman. Super collaborative working everyone!

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