Hedgehogs Weekly Update 20/01/2023

Hedgehogs have been extremely lucky this week in preschool and have received some fantastic new phonics resources! The children have enjoyed reading and singing to our new cuddly monsters and have even been using them in their imaginative play, this has been great to see! The monsters all come with a little note stating their name, job and where they live. With this information the children displayed their fabulous creativity skills and all picked a monster to draw alongside a house and even work uniforms, what a lovely way to make phonics fun!

It certainly has been a cold one this week and we may have seen a little flurry of snow but even so Hedgehogs have wrapped up warm and braved the outside! We came across lots of frosty objects and even some ice, which of course we were all keen to investigate. The children used some fantastic describing words such as; cold, slippery, freezing and shiny and they also wanted to see how strong the ice was! Whilst being completely safe of course with safety goggles on, we used different methods  and tools to try and break the ice

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