Hedgehogs Weekly Update 28/04/2023

The rain saw us reaching for our (homemade) umbrellas at the beginning of the week but our tank of tadpoles seemed more than happy in the wet weather! We’ve been checking our little wriggly visitors every day to watch them grow. After hunting for sticks for fishing rods, we played a game about the life cycle of a frog and the changes we might see.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Abi’s birthday in the sunshine with singing and cake.

That afternoon, we went on an exciting adventure to explore our new Forest School area. We found pinecones on the ground and when we looked up we saw baby ones growing on a tall, spiky tree.

We heard a woodpecker drumming nearby- a sure sign of spring! Armed with magnifying glasses, we took a close look at the flowers and bugs that we found. We spotted a little snail with her tiny pearly eggs in a muddy hole.

There was one particularly twiggy tree that liked to tickle us and make us giggle as we walked past! We found some very prickly things near it that looked like baby hedgehogs. One of them had a little nut inside.

We can’t wait to have more fun adventures in our very special nature space!

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