Horning Hedgehogs Weekly Update 02/12/2022

Well the Christmas celebrations are in full swing and Hedgehogs are loving it! The tree and sparkling lights are up and the music is playing, leaving the children mesmerised and immersed in all the festivities. We have started the Christmas crafts with paper chains, wreath decorating and christmas pictures, the children showed off their fabulous creative skills!

In our outdoor area, the children have been doing some heavy lifting for us! We have been creating towers with our tyres and crates, to support with their maths skills the children were encouraged  to count each one and together we look at measurement vocabulary such as taller or shorter.
We have continued to focus on stickman this week since it is one of our favourites, and he certainly found himself in a sticky situation!
Stickman is frozen! Frozen in a block of ice, the hedgehogs team had to work together collaboratively to rescue him! We spoke about the different ways we could save him, we had some great suggestions such as breaking the ice with tools and melting him under the heater, all was well in the end and stickman was saved! Talking of being frozen, the children have noticed the recent changes in the weather. We spoke all about the importance of wearing hats, scarfs, gloves and extra layers when outside this time of year.

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