Welcome to Otter Class

Welcome to Otter class! We are a small mixed class of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our class teacher is Miss Eagle (we also have Miss Gower two afternoons a week) and we are lucky enough to have Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Boldero (teaching assistants) to further support our learning and understanding.

We are all very enthusiastic learners and always have lots of questions when starting a new topic. In our current topic, ‘Let’s Fly Away!’, we have been learning all about the history of flight and throughout we will be looking at the significance of figures such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart in the development and progression of flight.

We are a very supportive class and are always keen to help others. We also love to be creative, and take every opportunity to develop our skills and knowledge. This term we have enjoyed designing, making and evaluating aeroplanes as part of our DT unit within our topic.

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