Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing

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What does Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing at the Coastal Together Federation?

At the Coastal Together Federation children's physical development, health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. Our PSHE curriculum underpins our whole school curriculum and supports us in creating global citizens. We do this through instilling our JONK learning characteristics - creative, collaborative, curious, resilient, resourceful and reflective. JONK means the joy of not knowing which helps our children develop their growth mindset. They enjoy the learning process and find enjoyment and excitement in discovering things that they don't know.

We use our JONK characteristics to help our children develop their understanding of key PSHE concepts. These allow children to have a better and deeper understanding of issues affecting them as global citizens. Our key concepts have been chosen to develop children's knowledge of increasingly complex concepts and ideas as they move through each year group. Together with our JONK characteristics and concepts we help our children to access and learn about our overarching curriculum themes, developing their knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas based on the Primary National Curriculum and our unique location on the North Norfolk Coast.

How do we teach and enhance children's knowledge in Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing?

Alongside a healthy mind is a healthy body and at the Coastal Together Federation Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing encompasses our PSHE learning and Physical Education. Children take part in a wide range of physical activities, whether it be a competitive team sport, focussed skills development or specialist teaching, they are very active. Alongside being active, children also learn how to keep their bodies safe and healthy. Each year we take part in special days and weeks to support children developing deeper knowledge in each area. In the Autumn Term we develop children's understanding of Mental Health through our how to be kind week and in the Summer Term all children take part in a physical health and first aid week.

We are part of the North Norfolk Schools Partnership and children take part in a range of competitive sporting activities throughout the year, whether it be a multi skills event, football tournament or golf and children learn to take part, win and lose - all skills important in becoming a global citizen! Over the last few years we have been successful in a number of bids from the national lottery. We have received over £30,000 in sports lottery funding to develop our outdoor learning areas across the federation, as we believe that facilitating children to be active during all lessons and at play and lunchtime, not just during PE lessons, is really important to children's health and wellbeing.

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How do we ensure coverage and progression in Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing?

As well as our embedded PSHE concepts, we ensure that our children take part in a range of additional activities to help support their learning of society and their place in it, so we have developed our own PSHE curriculum based on the national curriculum and statutory guidance. We did this through surveying all stakeholders - which was a great way of finding out what parents felt was particularly important for their children.

Developing our own curriculum has allowed us to build in progression which supports the development of the whole child both in terms of the national agenda and things that are important for our Coastal Together Children. To this end we organise annual events to support children's wider education for example changing our class names to reflect current world issues (environmental issues, lives of Black, Asian Minority Ethnic groups), careers day, international and diversity days, money sense and enterprise week.

What is the impact of Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing at the Coastal Together Federation?

We like to think that a Coastal Together Child leaves our Federation ready to confidently move to their next stage of learning having gained a range of skills and knowledge through practical endeavour.

PSHE and PE play a crucial role in developing the whole child; allowing them to access learning across the entire curriculum - this is why Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing is a pivotal aspect of The Coastal Federation's curriculum

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The Coastal Together Federation's RSE Curriculum

Relationships and sex education (RSE) is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships and reproduction. It will equip children and young people with accurate information, positive values and the skills to enjoy healthy, safe and positive relationships, to celebrate their uniqueness and to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing now and in the future.

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