School Closures

Closing a school due to bad weather is always a difficult decision due to the changeability of conditions - it is not an exact science. If conditions are poor at the beginning of the day, and we feel that the school should not be open, a message of closure will be broadcast at regular intervals between 6.30 - 8.30 am. Some staff need to travel significant distances to get to school.  It might be the we have a delayed opening time of 10.00, to allow roads to clear and for staff to arrive safely. We will also post a message on each of the federation's websites.

Radio Norfolk FM 95.1 MW 855
Radio Heart Norwich FM 102.4 MW 1152
Radio North Norfolk FM 96.2 and 103.2

You can also check whether any schools are closed by logging onto

We will also issue a notice via the parent text service so please make sure you inform the school office of any changes to mobile phone numbers. Norfolk police sometimes issues advice not to make journeys by road unless it is really necessary.  If you bring your child to school by car, it is sensible to take their advice. We will be in close contact with the coach companies.  It is possible that even if the school remains open, road conditions in the surrounding area may be deteriorating, and buses may be seriously delayed, or not run at all.  Please ensure that you are able to meet your child off the bus or arrange for a neighbour or friend to meet them. If the school is open, but conditions deteriorate during the day, we are happy for you to come to school to collect your child, but please phone the office first to let us know when you will be arriving.

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