Forest School Spring Story Session 11/03/24

We enjoyed coming together and using our amazing natural spaces to notice changes in the season.  There were lots of signs of spring to spot as we walked our nature trail to the Forest School site.  To encourage us to look closely, we had a ‘mixing pot’ to collect interesting things we found loose on the floor.  Some of us found man-made materials which made us think we should do a litter pick.  We learned that some bird nests have been found to have strands of plastic woven into them. We used our collections and imaginations to make up stories that we shared with each other.  Daisies became tiny drinking cups, lichen covered bark- a goblin’s toe! Some of us created settings and came up with titles. After a moment of calm- a mindful listening exercise- we enjoyed a fast-paced game of fox and songbird tag. We closed our session with the folktale of how the pussy willow got her name.  It was interesting to pass round a willow flower, see the dusty pollen and discover how soft these catkins can be. Our next Forest School sessions will be the week beginning the 18th March.  Please make sure your child has either wellies or an old pair of trainers and a waterproof coat so they feel comfortable outside.

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