Fox Class Weekly Update 06/11/2023

We have returned refreshed and ready to learn despite the stormy weather.  One of our main focuses this week has been on PSHE, where the children have shown maturity during our discussions around friendships – What makes a good friend? What makes us special and how our emotions can affect our bodies have been the key points of study. Alongside this we have also begun to question in RE, ‘Who created the earth?’ The children have demonstrated a caring, curious collaboration as they debated different ideas and viewpoints.  This continued in maths, when some year groups pondered possible solutions to our problems around commutativity.  They realised that not all problems have one solution.  The buzz of competitive thinking fuelled a need to work systematically in order to find all the possibilities.  A true mathematician mindset!

The week saw the beginning of Barvember.  A daily bar model problem solving opportunity encouraged to support the understanding and ability to break down maths problems. We will be sharing some of these with you in the coming weeks.

Finally, our journalistic skills have been tested to the limit as we independently wrote a newspaper article about Operation Dynamo.  The children had remembered so much from their previous learning which supported some great reads.  What a super start to the term!

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