Fox Class Weekly Update 15/01/24

Foxes have settled into the New Year and new term with invigorated energy. As a start to the term we took part in the Federation Quiz across all six schools. Horning buzzed their way to 3rd place showing a strong retrieval of knowledge from our previous topic ‘Battle of Britain’.  Well done to everyone. 

During our mini science topic on ‘Inheritance and Evolution’ we investigated how animals have evolved and adapted to their surroundings.  This now links with our topic ‘Guardian of the Planet’ too.  We have started to look at the geography of our planet in terms of longitudinal and latitudinal imaginary lines which divide the Earth.  Foxes were very interested in the Prime Meridian line at Greenwich Observatory.  Ask your child what they know about these? 

In English, we have started our new book – Fragile Planet.  The children have been describing the beauty of Thailand as well as finding out about the Asian Elephant.  

This week saw the first of our monthly assemblies led by Revd Ben Bradshaw.  The children were reminded of the importance of respect and not forgetting that we are all special. One of our experiments used varying seeds and different tools to see how Darwin’s Finches had adapted over time to their environment and food source.  We also made salt dough fossils.  This was a fun activity to finish our learning in this topic.   

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