Fox Class Weekly Update 22/01/2024

It has been a rather chilly week which was topped off with some snow – everyone made the most of this.  There was a frantic attempt to build a family of snowmen before the sun melted our fun.  

In the classroom, one of our focuses this week has been on our continued learning about the hemispheres of the Earth,  coordinates for navigation  and the time zones around the world.  At the end of this unit it was fantastic to hear all the discussions around what had been learnt. 

In Maths some years groups have used their newly gained  knowledge about coordinates,  linked with longitude and latitude, to plot coordinates on a four quadrant graph.  We have looked for patterns between coordinates and the position in each quadrant linking this with our understanding of negative and positive numbers.  

Foxes have been using description to continue their Fragile Planet story writing.   Their collaborative research skills have been tested this week too as they have discovered information about tsunamis and why they happen.

Warm-up balances started our gym lesson today and the children became creative.  There is a growing interest in gymnastics now as the room was filled with excitement and determination Keep that balance everyone!

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