Fox Class Weekly Update 23/09/2022

This week saw the first of our music lessons from the visiting Norfolk Music Hub teacher which was well received  in Fox class.  Not only did we learn our first notes on the recorder but we also began to understand how to read music too.  We can’t wait until next week.  Some of Fox class joined in the after-school club where children are learning to play the ukulele. (Spaces are still available if you wish to join – I am even considering it myself.  It sounded so much fun!)

It has been a shorter week than normal but Key Stage Two have still managed to pack their learning in.  Our independent diary writing showed stamina and reflection as we edited our work to showcase our understanding of cause and effect conjunctions, fronted adverbials and emotive phrases.  Topic focused on map reading around Britain to identify where the Romans invaded.  We looked further into many of the Latin names for our cities plotting these on our maps with the help of Google Earth.  Do you know the first area the Romans invaded? Ask your child/ren because they should be able to tell you and name some of the Latin cities.

We hope you enjoy the photographs this week!

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