Fox Class Weekly Update 25/03/24

It has been another fantastic week of learning in the Fox Class.  There has definitely been a buzz of busyness.  It is this alliteration that many of us have included in our persuasive writing.  This is only one of the features the children have used but others take into account rhetorical questions, facts, opinions and repetition.  All this helps the writer to draw their audience into the theme being written about.  In our case, we were writing to persuade our reader to think carefully about plastics and how not recycling them in the correct manner is littering our oceans.  Everyone in Fox Class was amazed and shocked at the massive garbage islands that exist around the world.  This in turn is not only polluting the seas but animals of all shapes and sizes are suffering unnecessarily.  Armed with a plethora of facts, the Fox class designed informative leaflets, posters and wrote persuasive arguments in order to highlight the public’s awareness of this subject.  It has been reassuring to hear how some of the children have taken this learning home and encouraged small changes to how their family recycle and avoid waste. 

A buzz of busyness in action!

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