Fox Class Weekly Updates 02/10/2023

The Fox class was transported back in time to 1940 this week as the children were plunged into an experience day.  Sitting in rows, they listened to Churchill’s broadcast announcement ‘Their Finest Hour’ to set the scene.   The sirens rang out and we turned our desks into Morrison shelters where we wrote in our diary for 26th September 1940.  Thanks to Mrs Mills we were able to fully embrace the feeling of the time as we investigated authentic uniforms, helmets and war memorabilia.   They certainly experienced the cramped conditions.  Some even remembered to take a drink in with them. 

Safe in our Morrison shelter, either waiting for the siren to  signal the end of the air raid or writing a diary an account of the day’s events.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed dressing in role. What a regiment!

This experience allowed us to capture the feelings of many of the people who would have written diaries in WWII.  Using the book My Scrapbook Diary we continued to explore how to write diary entries in 1940.  

Our Topic this week focussed on the beginning of the Battle of Britain, especially the planes which would have flown at the time.  Foxes explored the differences between the British and German planes and we are starting to sketch out some fantastic Spitfires. 

Maths has been all about comparing numbers for year 3 and delving deeper into the hundredth for the upper key stage.  Manipulatives and place value charts have become our best friends as we grapple with our understanding.  Children are now more able to explain their reasoning giving some super explanations.  

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