Fox Class Weekly Updates 04/03/24

Following a restful half term, the children of Fox class quickly re-engaged with their learning routines.  Often the first week back includes some different learning and this week was no exception.  We have had a week of science and RE as well as some of our daily lessons.  

In science, we have delved into life cycles.  The children have written some fantastic detailed accounts of each phrase before comparing the life cycle of insects, amphibians, birds and mammals.  They have learnt some surprising facts about the proportions of their own bodies.  Did you know that the length of your foot is the same length of your forearm?  Foxes found this investigation not only interesting but challenging at the same time.  There were some amusing  contortions. For an easier point of view, you may want to check if the length of your face is equal to the length of your hand.

Our RE lessons have delved further into the life of the Prophet Muhammad.  After ordering many important dates in his life the children used their detective skills to piece together his life.  This has helped them to understand how the teachings of the Qu’ran are so important to Muslim religion and how they came to be.  

The Foxes persuasive skills have improved this week as we have been analysing the use of grammatical features and language in persuasive advertisements and writing.  

All in all it has been an incredible week of learning.  Well done Foxes! 


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