Fox Class Weekly Updates 12/02/2024

It has been another busy week!!

The children have been learning about the works of John Brunsdan the famous printer. They looked into how he would draw his pictures and the colours he used. The children were given 3 tasks to create their own, 1st drawing was in pencil, 2nd task was to paint and the 3rd was to do a collage picture. We have started music and have been learning about Hans Zimmer the German film composer, the children have put together a fact file about his achievements. We have also been listening to his music that he has composed and trying to work out what instruments they could hear. In English we worked really hard to produce a long independent write all about global warming. We thought carefully about the impacts of climate change and what may be done to combat it in an effort to help save our world. We had some really interesting discussions and ideas of what we could do as a school to help In Maths we have been focussing on fluency through Arithmetic lessons. We have also continued to practise our multiplication and have been using TTRockstars to support this. 

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