Fox Class Weekly Updates 13/11/2023

The week kicked off with an assembly by our local Norfolk Constabulary Officer.  We refreshed our knowledge about how to stay safe as the weather changes and the darker evenings take hold. We know to be ‘seen at all times’ wearing reflective clothing, jackets and/or being well lit (torches). After we finished asking the police officer a set of curious questions we headed outside to investigate his car.  We were fascinated to hear the sirens and see the blue lights close up.  As we know it is beneficial for the children to feel comfortable with this vital trusted adult because we never know when they will be needed. The Battle of Britain has continued to be our focus.  In English, the children  have begun to use their newly gained knowledge about the beginning of the air assault on the English Channel to write a non chronological report.  Maths has seen the children using manipulatives and representations to prove their answers when solving missing boxes and balanced expressions.  

We have grappled with a variety of problems and bar model representations linked to Barvember. Why don’t you have a go too! 

Foxes are still bringing in a range of homework projects so keep on working on these because it is great to see all the ingenious ideas. 

This weekend thousands will be pausing for two minute silence to remember lost comrades, however we were able to commemorate this at Horning Church today.  The children created individual clay poppies which they laid in the church before we paused for our silence.  

Detailed work on our clay poppies is serious business and needs a lot of concentration. 


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