Fox Class Weekly Updates 27/11/23

We have had another very busy week.  Foxes wrote an independent non chronological report based on the Battle of Britain which included all their previous learning.   We are now starting to look at the famous novel by 

C S Lewis, ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.’  Foxes have begun to write incredible descriptions about what Lucy saw as she entered the magical wonderland of Narnia.  We have included noun phrases, similes and even a splash of personification for good measure. 

Our Topic lessons took a turn this week as we asked the question – What if Germany had gained air supremacy and invaded Britain? The children debated this in groups and there were some interesting thoughts.

In maths, some year groups are continuing to grapple with the concept of a written algorithm for addition.  There has been a lot of resilience and reflection needed this week.  

The Foxes have pulled out all the stops when it comes to memory because they have blown us away during song and script practice for our nativity.  Talking of wind, we have seen a blustery end to the week but this did not deter anyone from their outdoor PE session.  It can be tricky to throw a discus when the wind wants to return it like a frisbee. 

Our homework is showing some excellent handwriting across the year groups. 

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